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career Transformation

One of the most important aspects joining a Certification Program is to have rewarding careers in this exciting field. To ensure the success of the participants, several support services such as resume reviews, portfolio creation on Github, Interview preparation guides are made available. Besides this, our partners will enable job referrals with potential employers. We take great pride in the success of our participants!!

Career Mapping

Our career advisors will help you map the right role for your current stage.

Resume Guidance

Obtain specific, personalised inputs on your resume structure and content.

Opportunity amplification

Get an opportunity to interview 250+ hiring companies partnered


For qualified participants, there will be an Internships with us to help them gain real-world experience

Expert mentors

If you’re passionate about AI & ML and want to pursue a career in this field, there are a lot of avenues for learning. Given the blistering pace of advances in this field, although self- learning is an attractive option, classroom learning enhances the assimilation of knowledge. Hearing from experienced mentors who have ‘been there and done that’ is important in understanding various applications and avoiding pitfalls of just getting knowledge of this exciting field. CAAI Program is just the right program for participants who want to learn developing application using AI and ML.


Professor, Dept Of CSE, JNTU Kakinada


CEO, Variance AI


Director IIIT DM, Kurnool


Director IIIT DM, Kurnool


Head, Dept Of CSE, NIT Warangal


CEO, ZettaMine Labs


CAAI is an intensive application oriented, real-world scenario based program in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is a intensive skill oriented, practical training program required for building Applications using various techniques.It is designed to give the participant enough exposure to the variety of applications that can be built using techniques covered under this program.

Computing Infrastructure

The efficacy of solutions for real-world problems in Machine Learning and Deep Learning depends on the richness of data (both quantity and quality) and meeting the necessary/sufficient conditions needed for the AIML algoritthms to learn. This makes the computing infrastructure very important. We, at the Academy established an AI lab which is capable of handling big datasets as well as workloads needed for running AI through the use of GPUs. The software infrastructure includes Relational Databases, R and Python.

Course Material

E&ICT Academy endeavors to provide all necessary information and assets to the participants of the CAAI program to enhance the program experience, maximize learning, achieve the program objectives and align real-world examples and applications to simulate various use-cases. 1. Provide resources available for learning AIML 2. Help identify essential resources for preparing for the course 3. Practice on large, real data sets on state of the art computing Infrastructure 4. Clean, Comfortable Classrooms with ambience suitable for learning

Sample Course Material

Thought lab

Lecture Notes


lab Exercise

cheat sheet

Reference Book

The Applied AI program has a fine balance between foundational rigor and practical insights. The learning outcomes are achieved through the availability of various study materials and reference resources – cheat sheets, whitepapers, lecture notes, thought labs and exercises. All the Course material is published in LMS.

The business use cases such as “Customer Segmentation”, “Fraud detection”, “Campaign Effectiveness” and “Recommendation Systems” that are covered as part of lecture classes are to meant to give exposure to real-world use of various analytical techniques.

Capstone Projects

Experiential Learning is critical to apply various AI/ML techniques. This happens with the simulation of various scenarios in the real world.  As a participant of this unique program, you will get to work on practical applications as mini-projects. We conceived 4 real business use cases with obfuscated data to solve problems analytically based on the learnings in the classroom. Each case could be solved in multiple ways….solving these problems gives participants a competitive way to apply various techniques learned. The projects are be ably assisted by our mentors.

A portfolio is a grouping of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents. Large portfolios of investors are professionally managed by financial experts at investment banks. A portfolio for an investor often changes with time. These changes include demographic, psychographic, life-cycle, personal events of an Investor. The objective is to build ML models to optimize the portfolio of an investor by matching their risk appetite with the risk of the stocks that he holds.
Loan approvals are laden with payment risk and delinquencies – which has severe financial implication of the credit providers. In this project, we will devise a credit scoring system utilizing variety of alternative data – demographic and past transactional information of Consumers. Some of the problems we will address are not only profiling a specific consumer but also quantifying him for a probable loan amount and a payment term based on his/her propensity to pay.
This is one of the most interesting, relatable case studies we have stitched into our program. Most Analytical use cases have drawn from the retail Industry. They addressed the Customer lifecycle in terms of Acquisition, Engaging, Servicing and Retaining the Customers by deeply understanding them. In this case study, we will consider Customer 360 to analyze various aspects related to Churn, Cross/upsell, Recommendations, Lifetime value, etc.,
In manufacturing, the finished products are physically inspected for quality issues. Surface defect detection is an interesting application of Deep learning. It has the potential to save the cost of quality by ensuring 100% of the products or goods are inspected through automated means. Many analytical approaches can be adopted for solving this challenging problem such as Machine learning, feature extraction, and neural networks. The dataset based on real-world quality control in a manufacturing unit.

Certification Process

We are proud to be known as an Institute of repute in India for several decades. We believe in academic excellence and the application of academic knowledge in solving practical problems. Hence, we partnered with Industry to bring out the best of the application practices to our program. Our Certification focuses on the Application aspects of ed AI and driven by a rigorous assessment of the participants’ knowledge, skill and the application of the concepts learned in the class. Our curriculum is vetted by many experts in the Industry!! We would like to mentor professionals who contribute significantly to building exciting AI-based applications!!

Getting ready for CAAI

Pre-requisite knowledge and revisiting some foundational mathematics will help appreciate various ML techniques better. The fields of Linear Algebra, Calculus and basic Statistics will enhance the ability to grasp Machine Learning much faster. It is with that intent, the Academy has created complimentary preparatory work as a part of the program. Revisiting scripting or programming is very helpful because the participants are required to work with datasets as a part of this program. This Course doesn’t assume participants to have a very high level of programming skill. However, it is essential for participants to be comfortable with scripting either in R or Python.

AI is a field that requires an understanding of statistics and mathematics. It is also imperative a professional who wants to build or transition their careers to AI is familiar with programming. Since, participants joining our program come from different backgrounds, we have devised a foundation program that helps participants understand and assimilate advanced topics of AI and ML which will be covered as part of the Applied AI program. The foundation program is complimentary, but optional to all the registrants of this program. However, we strongly recommend participants to attend these preparatory classes to maximize their learning during the regular sessions.

Residency Program

E&ICT Academy of NIT Warangal’s offsite campus at Hyderabad provides state of the art learning facilities for learning and practicing. However, in order to give belongingness to this Top tier institution, the program Inauguration or Valedictory functions will be conducted in NIT Warangal’s campus. The Academy will host 2 residencies during the program to give firsthand experience for the participants the campus life of NIT Warangal. This Academy has a wonderful lecture theatre and state of the art lab facilities. It also gives the participants to explore the Kakatiya glory of Warangal !!


NIT-Warangal is a premier institute of national importance in India known for imparting technical education of high standards. Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has set up E&ICT Academy at NIT Warangal to improve the quality of technical manpower in emerging areas of Computer Science, Electronics and Information Communication Technologies. Specialized continuous education programs on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and IoT are the priority areas approved by MeitY for this Academy.

ZettaMine provides Digital Transformational Consulting, Product Engineering and System Integration Services to our customers. This education service line provides superior learning experience using real-life use cases in bleeding edge technologies. ZettaMine builds quantitative solutions to help Enterprises harness their data through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our goal is to develop performant, secure and scalable enterprise applications using full stack leveraging the cloud.


 This is a 20 Weekends Program. Of which 2 of the weekends will be used for covering preparatory material needed for doing actual course work. 16 weekends will be utilized for covering areas of Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Neural Networks. Last 2 weekends will be utilized for covering four challenging Business Cases that are run in a Hackathon model

The mentors have years of experience in teaching this subject matter and are alumni of top-tier institutions like IITs or IISc with advanced degrees. They have exposure to both Industry and Academia. Most of the mentors have association with NIT Warangal either as full time or adjunct capacities

 Yes. All the Exercises are either run on the laptops. We have state of the art computational facility which are GPU enabled to run large datasets. The Lab facilities are available 24×7 in our facility

Yes, but you will not be able to take advantage of the live guidance from expert mentors while at home. Also, you will not be able to leverage the computational infrastructure that is needed to run large datasets at home

 Yes. Unedited classroom sessions will be made available on the LMS. The Presentations, cheat sheets, lab exercises, assignments etc., will be available 24×7

 It is recommended that you do not miss a class. In case it is unavoidable, you will have access to an unedited version of the video recording of the classes in the LMS

 Yes. You will have 1 year access for the content

 We have some of the biggest manpower and consulting agencies empanel with us. These career transformation partners would refer or help find opportunities suitable for your profile.

 Every participant completing the Program will get a certificate from E&ICT Academy of NIT Warangal

Maximum class size in each batch will be 40 people. We maintain a high mentor to participant ration to enhance learning.

 The lab sessions will be mentored by experienced AI, ML practitioners and researchers who are listed in the brochure. It is recommended that the participants make the best use of their exposure, problem solving skill and experience

You have to be physically present at Hyderabad since these are contact classes. The Labs are also conducted in the same venue